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Campus Ministry in the Greater Peoria Area

The Campus Ministry is initiated and led by student-athletes and coaches on middle school, high school and college campuses. The programs of the Campus Ministry include Huddles, Team Bible Studies, Assembly Programs, Chapel Programs, TeamFCA Membership, One Way 2 Play – Drug Free! program and Special Events.While all of these programs are carried out at different times, there is one program that remains constant in the Greater Peoria Area..."Huddles." Huddles are student-athlete led Bible studies conducted on the campus that reach out to the entire campus.Who leads the campus ministry?The campus ministry is led by a "huddle coach." A huddle coach is a coach, faculty member, or volunteer who assists the student leaders in organizing and carrying out the FCA programs and activities. Huddle coaches have a variety of qualities needed, but the most important quality in a huddle coach is their committment to seeing the lives of young people changed through Jesus Christ and athletics.

Who can participate?While athletes and coaches are the target, the FCA Campus Ministry does not place those requirements on the partcipants. The framework and materials provided focus on the common ground of athletics, but as the athletes grow in their faith, those athletes may desire to reach out to the entire student body.

Interested in starting a huddle? If you are interested in starting a huddle in your school or know someone who might be a good candidate for this, please contact Cole via phone or email. Also, you will need to fill out a MLA (ministry leader application).

Greater Peoria Area Huddles & Coaches

Bradley University - Cole & Kristi Espenschied -;

Brimfield High School - Scott Carlson & Laura Putnam -;

North Fulton - John Davis & Joe Brewer -;

South Fulton - Doug Krukewitt -

Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School - Scott Krause -

Dunlap High School - Pat Garst -

Elmwood High School - Lori Caulkins -

Eureka High School - Matt O'Hanlon, Brent VanPelt, & Alyssa Thompson -   

Eureka Middle School - Abby Rader & Dusty Roth -;

Galesburg High School - Tami Qualls -

Illinois Central College - Janelle Reeb -

IVC High School - Michele Stewart -  

Limestone High School - Kevin Knaggs -

Metamora High School - Steve Danner -

Morton High School - Kim Johnson, Rachel Adams, Jake Tierney -;;

Peoria High School - Damarvis Dixon -